Removing Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer Removal at Cairns Dermatology

The prospect of having a skin cancer removed can be daunting, but at Cairns Dermatology you can feel confident that you’re in good hands and the whole process will be as comfortable for you as possible.


Most procedures can be performed in Dr Tucker’s rooms under local anaesthetic, in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with excellent onsite facilities and nursing assistants.

In addition to being a Dermatologist, Dr Tucker has had further training as a Mohs skin cancer surgeon and is capable of performing complex repairs on the face (including delicate areas like the nose, lips, ears and eyelids) with minimal scarring. Unlike some, Dr Tucker will try to avoid flap and graft wound repairs whenever feasible to ensure the least possible scarring, avoiding unnecessary costs to the patient.

Dr Tucker has almost 25 years’ experience in this area and is known to be especially gentle with anaesthetics and will always endeavour to make the procedure as painless and uneventful as possible. Tricks like using a small needle and injecting very slowly can make it a nearly totally pain-free procedure.

Although many skin cancers on the face can easily be removed in Dr Tucker’s rooms, more complex tumours on the face may be better treated using Mohs Micrographic Surgery (MMS).

The Dr Simon Tucker Difference

At Cairns Dermatology we do everything we can to make your procedure as stress-free as possible. We have a purpose built, clean, modern and fully equipped room. Relaxing music of your choice is played in the background.

The tumour and the skin around it are cleaned and the excision margins, usually 2 to 4mm around the tumour are marked with ink. A sterile operating field is created and local anaesthetic is carefully injected. Numbness occurs quickly. The cancer is removed and the wound repaired with stitches, which are usually left in for between seven and 14 days, at which time we will check the wound and remove the stitches for you at the clinic.

Typically, removal of a simple skin cancer takes about 15 minutes and because you have not been sedated you can drive afterwards, although with some procedures on the face you may prefer to have someone drive you home.

Minor discomfort a few hours after surgery when the local anaesthetic wears off is to be expected but is easily managed with Panadol and/or Ibuprofen.


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