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Skin Checks in Cairns

Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70. This is the highest incidence by far anywhere in the world.


Most Australians should think about having their skin checked regularly. The fairer your skin type the more important this is and the more often you may need one.

A thorough, unhurried, full skin check by a specialist-trained Dermatologist is an excellent way of picking up skin cancer. Dr Tucker has specific training in the use of dermatoscopes and pattern recognition, which can significantly enhance accurate diagnosis of sunspots and skin cancers.

Importantly, unlike mole check machines that are calibrated to ‘err on the safe side’ and may over-diagnose melanoma, Dr Tucker will also know when a lesion is actually benign and may be left alone or monitored, avoiding unnecessary surgery and expense.

What Happens at My Skin Check?

The thought of having your skin examined in detail can, at first, seem a bit daunting. Dr Tucker offers a relaxed atmosphere where the process is performed carefully, respectfully and thoroughly, providing much reassurance. If requested, a nurse chaperone is always available for your comfort.

Typically, a full skin examination can be performed in your underwear or even swimwear if you prefer. In a well-lit room and with the help of magnifying loupes and a dermatoscope, you will be carefully examined and any lesions of concern will be identified. If you feel you have spots of concern in your undergarment areas, these can also be assessed.

Lesions of concern identified from your skin check will be discussed with you immediately and a treatment plan arranged.

Why Choose a Dermatologist for your Skin Check?

What’s the difference between a Dermatologist and a doctor with a special interest?

Typically, skin cancer or mole check clinics are staffed by doctors with a ‘special interest’ in skin cancer. They may have a diploma in dermatology or be a member of the college of skin cancer medicine. These are not specialist qualifications.

A Dermatologist is an expert in the management of skin cancer and skin disease and has had formal specialist training. They will hold Fellowship of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, have Specialist registration with AHPRA and have the letters FACD after their name.

Dr Tucker is the only private Dermatologist in Far North Queensland and the only Mohs skin cancer surgeon north of Brisbane.

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